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Fortifications/Security Construction 

Hard points for Urban - Forward Operating Bases - Border Control Points,  terminals and port facilities - we provide domestic and overseas services.

Assessment of the ground is critical.  We conduct a thorough examination of the site and overlay the client objectives to construct a valid plan.  Correctly applying the assessment to the practical evaluation of objectives and usage is imperative to a functional hard point. 

After significant analysis we will recommend a combination of materials, devices, and strategies to achieve your objectives and maximize usage of the site.   Complete confidence in your fortifications is imperative and is essential in mitigating high threat risks.   Fortifications include concertina, blast barriers, guard posts, bunkers, gates, vehicle management /vehicle search areas, no climbs & Rocket-Propelled Grenade (RPG) fences,  permanent buildings, additional or reduced road infrastructure, and upgrades, high intensity lights infra-red (IR) spot lights and other site management tools are available as well as technology; e.g. Closed Circuit TV, thermal and other sophisticated electronic surveillance and detection systems.

    * Security Analysis/Monitoring system for in/out activity

    * Secure Facility Entrance Design & Build out

    * Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and Electronic Surveillance