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Overhead Threat Protection (OTP)

OBJECTIVE: Develop an Overhead Threat Protection (OTP) system for direct hit survivability that can withstand or dissipate specified static and dynamic loads without failure.

Overview - Overhead Threat Protection
Aluminum “Microtruss” Roof Rack system and “Microtruss” blast and ballistic panels.

Combat Engineering International (CEI) has engineered a “Roof Rack” system to hold blast/ballistic panels. Our blast and ballistic mitigating composite material produces an effective and efficient modular, scalable blast/ballistic protection system. This is a structure for Overhead Threat Protection and can be easily constructed for side walls as well. The system is palletized and numbered for easy installation and transport quickly deployed by 3 or 4 soldiers. The OTP solution is a scalable and modular aluminum truss structure that is integrated with ballistic/blast panels according to predicted threats.   
Panels are custom ordered and matched with specific threat level and weight requirements.  Panels are of a composite construction and coated.  Coating may be scaled for a specific blast type or threat level dependant on requirements. BlastSkin is color capable including desert tan or olive green which reduce sight signature. Panels can be affixed to existing walls or structures.  

Two modifications to our structural rack system – shock-absorbing joints in the structure and BlastSkin coating  provide significant enhancements that will improve the protection provided by an extremely lightweight overhead structure. 

Weights of the panels vary in size from 9.2lbs.psf to 22lbs.psf depending threat level requirements.  A 3.1lb psf lightweight secondary fragmentation panel is also available. The Roof Rack system is created as a shell in the case of a Temper Tent, used as a Rack when on structural load bearing buildings, CHU, or Shipping container etc.  The structure can include a pre-detonation layer of woven wire above the blast panel.

Ballistic levels are scalable from small arms direct fire to 50Cal.,  14.5 caliber and 20mm fsp multi-hit.  Blast levels up to 60mm-81mm mortars, RPG7 per DOD test data scalable to a 250lb blast with some standoff.

Our Blast mitigation technologies were developed through leading University materials science labs and blast migration specialists.  We truly have a product group unparalleled in the world today.  Schedule a demonstration and you’ll be impressed.