We'll take you anywhere you want to go...
"The Higher, the Farther, the Deeper, the Darker... the Better"

We share an Clarity of Purpose... Intensity of Focus... and an Understanding of our Clients Objectives that has lead us to finding solutions that work.

The Nucleus of Combat Engineering International (CEI) was formed in 1995 as a Defense contracting firm with a clear purpose. Experience brings clarity and understanding what is at stake in places like Afghanistan and Iraq gives purpose to the job at hand. When we developed the Thinskin armoring system it was because we had run the roads in thinskin vehicles - we know what it is like to get shot at without the benefit of armor.  When we developed fortifications and structural armor it was because we have been shelled and rocketed and mortared in plywood guard stations and nothing more than tin overhead.  Our Law Enforcement, Military, Corporate Security Personnel, and Private Contractors deserve our experience and understanding they deserve people working for them that work at mission tempo... understand mission integrity and drive toward mission completion. Through these tenants we have become the specialized firm we are today.  Our years of Special Forces operations experience, Military Service, Defense Industry related private sector success, and hard lessons learned contribute to what our firm represents and how we perform in the field. We remain dedicated professionals, delivering a successful service to our country, citizens, and clients.   Our evolution as a company has developed through close consideration to our client’s requirements and the changing battle conditions both here and abroad.

At CEI we are focused on finding the right solution to overcome your challenges and barriers. We provide exceptional solutions for our clients through the use of advanced materials and technologies developed at Universities and laboratories around the world.  The process has been driven primarily by lessons learned in the field and through the process of solving problems brought to us by clients.

The Combat Engineering International Worldwide Network and experience in successfully working in High Threat environments coupled with 50 years plus combined Special Forces and U.S. contracting experience has earned us a unique understanding of what is required to return 100% Mission Success to our clients.  "CEI" has grown in response to the unprecedented demand for specialized security construction, the need for advanced solutions to combat an ever changing sophistication of our enemies, the need for vulnerability assessments/force protection as we pursue the enemy in new battle space, and specialized security training.  Our clients have been the core of our growth and testament to our commitment to excellence.

Our people are dedicated to Performance and Consistent Delivery of client services as measured by our Clients and the pursuit of the most advanced technologies available to fulfill mission requirements.