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"The Higher, the Farther, the Deeper, the Darker... the Better"

CEI Marine Division & LCB (Lanier Custom Boats) have developed the most advanced line of patrol vessels available in the world.  

Errol Lanier- Legendary Off-Shore Powerboat Champion and Founder of LCB has partnered with CEI to create the fastest armored and most stable patrol vessel in the world. The BattleCat Group enlisted Errol Lanier and his 40+ years experience in the marine industry to provide a BattleCat designed to meet the challenge of a new maritime threat. [Pirates that shoot back]  

The threat level is growing fast… if you are in the Maritime Security business you had better grow faster.

  • 95Knots
  • Sea State 5
  • Crew Size 6
  • Custom ThinSkin Armor
  • Custom Weapon Mounts & Armaments
  • Ullman Dynamics Shock Mitigation Seating
  • Arneson Surface Drives or Hamilton WaterJets
  • Cummins, Yanmar, or MAN Diesels
  • 500 NM Range

Our vessels are rigged for reliability and continuous operation.  We are proud to present "The BattleCat" line of Patrol Vessels ranging from 21-55 feet.

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