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CEI Security Services:

Combat Engineering International recommends a systematic process in designing a security solution to solve your challenges.  As often as possible we try to become a part of the process in the assessment stage and build in key components of a successful plan from the beginning.  We have a long history in providing MARITIME SECURITY SERVICES for Port Assessments, Terminal, Oil Platform or Tanker escort we have the experience in all aspects of amphibious operations.   If you are land based you may have a PRIVATE COMPOUND that requires access control, surveillance systems CCTV or Thermal, entrance and exit point management.

Combat Engineering International has provided solutions on land and sea - to and from - and everything in between including FORWARD OPERATING BASES   BORDER CONTROL POINTS   CONVOY   PERSONAL SECURITY DETAILS   SECURE CARGO DELIVERY   SITE SECURITY  build outs for SCIF's and Supplying Personnel for Secure Facilities.  Our personnel are chosen based on the skill sets required for mission success and have the necessary experience to get the job done... 

Advanced Security Training

Training packages for existing security companies:

  • Advanced Weapon Handling
    •  Pistol Carbine Shotgun
    • “Gunbatics”
    • Advanced Gunfighting
    • Mobile Weapons Operations – QRF – Team Exit SOP’s Under Fire
    • Night Shooting – Night Operations - Static and Mobile
    • Close Qtr. Combat
    • Non lethal Compliance
    • Advanced Tactical Driving
      • Evasion Techniques
      • Team and Convoy
      • Backwards Getting off the X
      • Off-Road
      • Advanced Maritime Handling & Navigation
        • 135mph School
        • Pursuit Training & Tactics
        • Compass & Clock Navigation
        • Maritime Escort Operations

Personal Security Services

  • VIP Protection
  • Security Assessments
  • Secure Transportation Escort Land & Water.
  • Executive Protection Teams
  • Personalized Security Solutions
  • Evacuation Planning

Celebrity Security Service

  • Personal Protection Teams
  • Perimeter Defense & Infrastructure
  • Route Planning
  • Extraction Services
  • Estate and Compound Defense Infrastructure
  • Travel  & Tour Security

 Corporate Security Services

  • Executive Team Personnel Security
  • Armed Drivers & Escorts
  •  Counter Intelligence
  • Surveillance
  •  Secure Transportation Land & Water
  • “Red Cell” Penetration Testing
  •  Cyber Security  
  • Executive Training in Foreign trips and deployments

ISR – Intel Surveillance Recon

  • Human Intelligence Networks – CONUS/OCONUS
  • Electronic Surveillance packages
  • Area and/or specific locality advance ground intel

Foreign National / International Security Service

  • Armored Transportation
  • On Site Security Assessments
  • Contingency Exit Plan – Overlay of existing host country plan
  • Extraction Services from hostiles, terrorists
  • Logistics