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D.I.R.E.C.T. Response  

Comprehensive Community Based Violence Prevention & Response


We are working to raise awareness and assist municpalities in providing a direct and immediate response based on our collective national sentiment. 

Obviously, all of America is joining hands in looking for solutions for the readiness and response to security and catastrophic event preparedness in the future.  If we did not contribute to the solution before the tragedy in N.Y. and Washington, and the events at Columbine H.S. in Colorado, we, as Americans must know that we need to contribute now in helping provide ourselves with the tools and resources necessary to reach a safe and successful outcome to any type of negative event scenario.  It is time to be prepared.  It is time to know what to do. 

If you believe in the preparedness of America’s communities, families, and children then participate in this important study and make your voice heard.  Our mission is to provide the means to meet the challenges we all know are before us. Join us in that mission.

National Survey                                                

Has your school system prepared your children for threat or catastrophic occurrence?

Have you prepared your children for threat?
Do you know if your school system has a Threat Vulnerability Assessment of all school facilities?

Does your municipality have a crisis coordination plan including; hazmat, SWAT, police, fire, EMS, power, FBI , etc.?

Would you support a comprehensive program for your school system, children, and community preparedness?

Do your children know what to do or where to go if a situation occurs in their school?

Do you want a national certification requirement for our school systems requiring them to be prepared for catastrophic events?

Have you heard of or been trained in the American Red Cross program, First Responder?

The DIRECT Response Program was created to promote prevention and preparedness in schools and communities.  We seek the support of those people that believe schools and the learning environment should be safe and secure from violence.   The responder agencies need to be fully prepared to respond successfully for the safety of our kids.  Through a national survey [similar to this survey of school administrations, police, fire, and respondent agencies] we found that a shocking percentage of school administrators and respondent agencies say they are not comfortable with their level of preparedness. 

Help us provide the comprehensive programs necessary to make sure we are prepared to deal with any threat successfully and protect America’s children in our schools who deserve a violence free learning environment.  

Call your local school and ask the tough questions on this issue.  We cannot afford to turn away and not participate in the solution.  Join with us, and many like minded Americans in this “National Challenge”.   Send this to everyone you know who has children in school.

D.I.R.E.C.T. Response  

Defense   Identification   Response   Education   Communication   Training